Compressorhead – The World’s First Robot Heavy Metal Band


These guys do an awesome cover of Motorhead’s Ace Of Spades. I can’t wait to see them play live! I’ll be moshing.


Robots are pretty awesome. I mean in theory they’re really cool because you can programme them to do stuff for you so you don’t have to, but in reality nobody really uses them at all and because of movies like I Robot and Blade Runner everyone is kind of scared that they might secretly become so intelligent that they might try and take over the human race and only Will Smith will be able to save us. In fairness the fate of the world has been placed in Will Smith’s hands numerous times so I wouldn’t be too worried, but the whole robot apocalypse scenario isn’t one that plays on my mind a lot (not like that Mayan 2012 crap, boy was I freaked out about that! Not. ) because nobody seems to have really even tried to use robots to their full potential.

That is until now, with the debut of Compressorhead, the world’s first robot heavy metal band.  This video is seriously sick. I don’t know who would have the time, money or more importantly the ass to actually create three robots and programme them to play instruments and then programme them to play heavy metal but whoever did it is a genius because it just looks completely weird and freaky and makes me feel kind of like we have finally arrived in the future. It’s awesome. At the moment there are a couple of videos of these robots playing covers of your favourite heavy metal songs but my favourites are this one in a practice room of Ace of Spades by Motorhead and this live version of TNT by AC/DC, although the live version isn’t as good because it doesn’t have a bass player. Neither of them have vocals which isn’t exactly ideal but I guess it’s kind of hard to find a robot with a good vocal range who can also do a heavy metal scream at this point in time. Check out he videos below:

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Most sites that are featuring this video are just showing the video and then making some lame jakes about robots getting real smart and taking over the world (kinda like the start of this one) but if you do a bit more research into Compressorhead you can find their website HERE which is really kind of weird as it’s written from the perspective of the robots and kind of imagines that they’re real people in the band, with each member having their own profile page, kinda like a real band. Or maybe they are intelligent robots and it’s actually real? I’m unsure at this juncture but my guess would be that it’s just some loser programmer guy trying to create a mythos behind his project that he has spent at least the past ten years in his basement working on.

And to be fair it’s kinda funny in a really lame way. The drummer is called Stickboy, the guitarist is called Fingers and the bass player is called Bones and there’s little sections on the website where it says who each of their favourite musicians are and how they all came to be playing together. Again, this is kind of funny but kinda lame depending on what kind of a mood you’re in when you’re reading it. It would probably help to be stoned when you read it if you want it to be funny. There’s like a blog where they updates about stuff happening in the band too, which is kind of like a really lame tumblr, although it does say that they’re playing both stages of the Big Day Out Festival in Australia this year? Surely that can’t be true? Can anyone confirm or deny that for us down in Oz? Brodi Snook? Prewthless? Let us know guys.

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