Competition: Camper Shoes


You can win a pair of Camper shoes just by taking a photograph and uploading it onto the internet. It’s that easy.

KREMER WOMAN MENI don’t normally wear shoes like this (I’m more of a trainers/skate shoes kinda guy) but if I did I would probably check out Camper because they look like some classy shoes. If I was the kind of guy that wore a shirt and stonewashed jeans to a club I reckon that a pair of Campers would really finish my look off. Luckily, Camper are running a competition all throughout this month so I don’t even need to spend money on them to try out that look, provided I win the competition of course.

Anyone can enter the competition though and if you want to bag yourself a pair of Campers of your choice you should probably enter because it’s fairly easy. The press release behind their Autumn/Winter range has revealed that the latest collection of shoes has been inspired by different everyday objects with the Kremer collection being inspired by chocolate cake because it looks like a chocolate wedge, whereas the Pelotas shoe was inspired by a classic football.


However, Camper want to know what objects YOU think of when you see these shoes though. To help answer this they’ve set up special social media hashtags (#lovepelotas, #lovekremer and #lovevalley) and you can use these hashtags on any of the usual social media platforms – you know, Facebook, twitter, instagram and even Flickr! It has to be an image that is uploaded – not a boringass essay – but you can make this image a scene, or an object or anything you can think of really. The competition wants you to get creative and Camper hopes to build up an inspiring collection of images that will allow them to see what people really think of their footwear. Of course, the image with the most likes will win a pair of shoes. To participate simply go to www.camper.com/love to find out more or go to www.facebook.com/camper or http://www.twitter.com/camper to stay in touch.

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Camper will not only be running this competition to win the shoes but there are also more ways to win with the Lovedays that they will be throwing throughout October and November at their stores all over the world. These are basically just special days where if you visit the store there will be loads of cool surprises and stuff going on and opportunities to win shoes and other treats. If you’re from the UK (which I imagine the majority of you reading this are) then the next Loveday will be at Camper’s London store at 207/709 Regent Street on October 31st. It’s actually the next Loveday in 7 different countries but unless you’re on holiday or something you probably just want to head to Regent Street to check it out. When a LOVDEAY is announced (via Facebook and Twitter), Camper will invite everyone to bring a certain object into a store within a specific time, and the first three people get a free pair of shoes and the next 100 get a mystery gift, which probably isn’t as good as a pair of shoes but is likely to be pretty tasty nonetheless. And you can pick up a pair of Campers when you hit the store as well. Perfect.



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