A Company Wants To Pay You To Sleep For Nine Hours A Day For 100 Days

I’m not sure what anyone out there’s dream job would be, but I’m pretty certain getting paid to sleep would make most people’s list as it’s getting paid to literally do something that you need to do anyway – it’s a no brainer.

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Amazingly, this is the occupation that’s being offered from a company called Wakefit, although it isn’t quite as simple as it sounds initially. You would basically get paid £1078 to sleep for nine hours each day for a hundred days – so I guess you couldn’t quit your day job for it – but it turns out you need to fit a whole different bunch of criteria just to qualify for it:

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• A completed degree in any field. A history of falling asleep during class will be counted as relevant experience.
• We are seeking sleepy self-starters who are motivated enough to stay in bed for at least 8 hours of solid sleep.
• Should be able to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of hitting the pillow.
• Strong knowledge and a distinctive point of view on sleep products and how they contribute to better sleep.
• Should demonstrate qualities of a team player, when the team is likely to miss their bedtime or likely to indulge in activities that discourage sleep.
• Past Experience in sleeping in any kind of environment – irrespective of noise and brightness levels.
• A focused and disciplined approach to record and analyse personal sleeping patterns.
• Demonstrated track record of prioritising sleep over social media.
• Attention to detail and a passion for clean bedsheets, cosy blankets and funky pajamas.
• Ability to adhere to strict guidelines of consumption of caffeinated beverages. We prefer candidates who have a taste for Chamomile.
• Binge watchers and people with nocturnal tendencies will be at a disadvantage.
• A low engagement and low activity on personal social media handles is a bonus.
• An innate ability to be laid back and stress free before bedtime.
• Snoring will be considered a disadvantage to securing this position.
• Lack of interest in content created by major streaming websites.
• Alarm snoozers, abilities to sleep through multiple alarms, etc. are preferred.
• A low screen time will be your biggest asset. The ideal candidate is one who has the ability to blissfully ignore phone notifications at night.
• An active interest in meditative sleep techniques.
• An in depth knowledge on the lyrics and tunes of lullabies. Good singing ability is a plus.
Knowledge of vernacular lullabies is preferred, but not mandatory.

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I mean that sounds like quite a lot of experience needed just to be able to fall asleep doesn’t it? Fact is, I don’t think I even meet half of that criteria and for the money they’re paying I don’t think it’s worth it, even if I get to spend nine hours sleeping and the rest of my time doing whatever I want. I’m out – but feel free to


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