Commuter Trains Were Packed This Morning After Boris’s Speech, But Raab Says Go Back To Work On Wednesday


It seems like everyone in the nation was confused by the exact nature of Boris Johnson’s speech yesterday and what he was telling people to do and this was exemplified this morning when commuter trains were packed with people not wearing masks and then Dominic Raab appeared on LBC to explain that people should be returning to work on Wednesday, not today.

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Apparently this confusion became apparent as Boris Johnson just said ‘this week’ in his speech without any specific day. You would think someone would be reviewing his speeches and

Anyway, Raab said the following on LBC to try and clarify the situation:

The advice is that those people who can work from home should continue to work from home.

Where you can’t work from home, construction, manufacturing, those big economically valuable sectors, from Wednesday people should go back.

And we’ve done a lot of work, employers have done a lot of work to make sure they can do so in what we’re calling Covid-secure settings.

So the distancing, the hygiene, the other precaution measures are in place.

Thanks for that – really useful. Meanwhile, many other people were complaining about the fact that commuter trains were completely packed and that people weren’t wearing masks or social distancing on them as they literally had no choice but to do so due to a reduced service.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

What an absolute mess. Everyone is predicting a second wave much worse than this one if things continue like this and I’ve gotta say I probably agree with that. Given the government response so far though, who’s to say they won’t pull a massive U turn on this by tomorrow though? Such a joke.

For more of the same, check out this thread that’s going viral for explaining what’s really going on in Britain during lockdown. Crazy.


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