Common Reasons Why Men Are Frustrated With Dating

There are so many.

Men are not as into dating as women are. In fact, men find it more frustrating to date than their counterparts. According to research, their answers vary from simple to complicated issues that can only be analyzed by experts. One can, however, summarize the common reasons why men are like this. But you do not have to go through all of the hassle as we have researched and summarized insightful points for you. Read on to learn more.

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Women Are Fighting for Equality

There are more women who now want to be treated with equality in all matters. On the other hand, some men still expect to be the head in everything, especially in a relationship. Unfortunately, there is no room for male chauvinism in the current world. Women can pay the bills, make decisions, and do all other things men can do. This does not get along so well with men who still think otherwise and they end up being frustrated in dating.

The Fear of Rejection

Men fear rejection because they tend to have a huge ego. This keeps them away, especially when things are not going well. Some would rather not commit to a relationship. Women, on the other hand, do not have this mentality when they start to date. They love without caring about whether they get rejected in the future or not. A man may start bailing out and even get very frustrated if the woman gives a hint that it might be over. Perhaps the ego in men should go down a little bit.

Different Interests

Although both men and women get frustrated when their interests do not go in harmony, men get more affected. That is why relationship experts recommend people to get to know each other well before they start dating. If you read the Happymatches blog, you will get the same advice, especially for those who want to get a partner through dating websites. A man who realizes that the lady has different interests than what they thought usually gets very frustrated and may terminate the relationship if there is no room for compromise.

Lack Of Commitment

Being a responsible man does not only mean providing for your family. It also means loving your partner and committing to them. But unfortunately, some men still want to be free to explore many options. They fail to commit themselves as soon as they find a good partner. This may lead to frustrations as their heart knows that they are free. Their counterparts are looking for a way to settle down with their loved one as soon as possible.

Changed Feelings

Things are changing and millennial men are different compared to those a century ago. After a lot of peer and media influence, the feelings of men have changed. They seem to get angry faster and have different emotions about dating. This leads to more frustrations, especially for those who cannot control their emotions.

Although not all men get frustrated with dating, it is certain that a significant number are struggling with the issue. But with the right guidance and support, it is possible to take care of a relationship as it is supposed to be.


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