New Colour Changing Clothes Will Let You Know How Drunk You Are

Colour Changing Clothes Drunk

Not exactly fashionable but pretty useful nonetheless.

An artist called Younghul Kim has released a new line of clothing called the ‘metamorphosis range’ that lets you know how drunk you are by changing shape and colour the more wasted you get, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a pretty useful indicator for yourself but probably not that attractive if you’re out trying to chirpse members of the opposite sex.

It also would probably make really wasted girls a target for sexual predators if they weren’t smart enough to get themselves home in time. In principle though it’s a great idea for helping you regulate how trashed you get but you can see more than one way for it to be abused, like the morons who will inevitably see just how wasted they can get before the clothes stop responding. I’t also possible that it might prevent people as awesome as this guy from existing.

Right now there’s going to be a dress for girls and a jacket for guys. The jacket has a collar that slides up when it detects too much alcohol on someone’s breath, whereas the dress has sleeves that expand and contract deepening on the wearer’s level of intoxication, although I’m not sure how those work.

You can see a video of the dress in action below. I can’t really see this taking off any time soon because it’s basically completely weird and I can’t see anyone wanting to wear it. There’s a cool 8 bit soundtrack to the video though, although that only makes the whole presentation even more bizarre.

Wearable that responses when you drink alcohol, ‘취중진담 Metamorphosis’ from Younghui Kim on Vimeo.


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