3 Months After The Legalisation Of Marijuana, Colorado’s Economy Is Booming, As Is Everything Else

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All people really need to do to know that the legalisation of marijuana is a good idea is check out these statistics. Wow.

This is going to be quite a number heavy article and I apologise in advance but when I saw these statistics I couldn’t not share them because it’s fucking crazy the impact of legalising marijuana looks to be having in Colorado.

Of course, it is very early days but if these numbers are any indication of how legalisation is going to go, then it should probably be implemented everywhere. If nothing else, it’s a staunch look at how the opposition – who claimed that it would spark violent crime and lead to health costs – were completely and utterly wrong.

OK, so since January (I know it’s May and that’s not three months but the stats were only just released smartass), here’s how much recreational weed Colorado has sold:

January 2014: $13 million

February 2014: $14 million

March 2014: $19 million

You can see from that, that it operates at a pretty consistent level for the first two months (a lot of people were probably curious to try it in January as obviously it was a new novelty) but then a huge jump in March which suggests that people have tried the government regulated weed, like it more and are going back to it and buying more of it, as opposed from the dealer hanging out on the street corner who has shitty product and never shows up on time.

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Drug Dealers

Now, let’s see what that means for taxes in Colorado:

January 2014: $1.4 million

February 2014: $1.43 million

March 2014: $1.898 million

That’s a total of $7.3 million in taxes from the first three months of legalised marijuana, a number which is increased even more if you add in those buying medical marijuana – the total figure actually stands at $12.6 million when including that.

So, even if you’re really stupid you can probably tell that the fact that the government has legalised marijuana has been beneficial to them as they’ve made a shit load of money from it. Encouragingly as well, the numbers are rising since the inception of the law, which indicates that this trend will continue and may increase in the future. Within the country as a whole and the 21 states that allow the sale of marijuana (most of them in a medical capacity), sales are projected to reach $2.57 billion this year, which is up on $1.53 billion last year and this again supports the theory that the marijuana industry is thriving within the United States.

Now, what about those crime figures and all the problems that people were worried about that would occur when marijuana was legalised in the state?

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