Colombian Mayor Forced To Apologise After Hiring Male Strippers For International Women’s Day

Male Strippers International Women's Day

Clearly this wasn’t going to be a good idea.

A Colombian mayor named Alfredo Garcia who is in charge of the central town of Anzoategui has been forced to apologise after he ‘accidentally’ booked two male strippers to perform at a festival celebrating International Women’s Day last weekend.

I think anyone with a brain could have told him that wasn’t going to go down well, but Garcia himself is feigning ignorance, saying he didn’t know that the strippers had been booked for the fiesta:

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It was a big mistake, and inappropriate for Women’s Day.

I signed the contract but didn’t know what the show consisted of.’

To be honest, I was completely unaware that muscular men would dance in their underwear.

Having said that, half the town was upset with the performance whilst the other half was pretty happy with it.

Well, I guess you can’t always please everyone but at least a few people enjoyed the performance, although it pretty much completely destroys the point of International Women’s Day. Oh well. The Colombian Institute Of Social Welfare is now investigating the event for some reason too, and Garcia has been widely criticised that he spent 14 million pesos on the event rather than using any of the money – roughly £3500 – to try and solve any of the town’s many social problems. Looks like Garcia’s problems have only just begun but in a country where the President pisses himself during a speech it’s hardly surprising that every level of government is full of idiots.


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