Cocky Hells Angel Biker Squares Up To Ex-Boxer; Gets Brutally KO’ed With One Stunning Punch (VIDEO)

bar fight

One punch wonder.

A cocky Hells Angels biker got delivered a much-needed slice of humble pie after picking on the wrong dude at a bar.

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John Remington – a member of the infamous biker gang – approached a man who had just walked into the bar. At first the two look like they’re greeting each other, but out of nowhere Remington decides to push him. Little did he know that his opponent was 56-year-old Carl Justice Nordstrom, who was once a professional heavyweight boxer.

Nordstrom was quick to serve that slice of humble pie to Remington… with his fist:

OK so that was a pretty brutal beatdown considering Remington only pushed the guy. But who knows how much further he would’ve taken it had he been evenly matched to Nordstrom? Unfortunately for him, he was no match for a professional boxer. Hopefully he’ll think twice before starting a bar fight in the future.

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