Cocky Guy Fails At Trying Impress A Girl In The Most Expensive Way Possible (VIDEO)


Smooth operator.

There’s no better entertainment on the internet than watching some guy who thinks he’s all that completely and utterly stack it. It’s even better when the fall from grace is as spectacular and expensive as possible, which can be seen perfectly in the video below.

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The video shows some complete and utter douchebag renting a $300K Ferrari 458 Italia and then taking it up a canyon with loads of curves in order to impress some girl. Needless to say, he can’t handle the car or the curves and ends up completely totalling it.

That’s gonna be a hard one to tell his daddy about:

Lol. I love the way he’s such a cocky bastard before the crash trying to chirpse the girl with some of his inane chat and she just says, “be careful, you’re going too fast.” He pretty much goes from hero to zero in about 0.1s and I loved it. Asshole.

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