Clothes Brand Fails To Notice Their New Dress Is Covered In Vaginas

The vagina dress is the newest must-have fashion item in the streets.

Apparently wearing vaginas is what’s hot in the fashion world these days, though it wasn’t intentional according to this particular item’s creator.

The new outfit available from Wayne by Wayne Cooper is picking up some reacton after its ‘Sahara’ print left the dress looking like it was emblazoned in vaginas.



First person to notice was this lady’s husband, as she explained on the School Mum Facebook page after purchasing the dress for $219:



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I got home and put it on for hubby and any guesses first thing he said?’  #DressFail #OnceYouSeeYouCantUnsee

The brand says the dress will help you “embrace confidence and modern glamour”, and I guess they’ve got a point if you’re ballsy enough to rock this get-up in any social setting ever.


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The question is of course — was this really an “accident”? I’m no fashion expert but I’d never heard of Wayne by Wayne Cooper until this shambles and now I’ll probably remember the name until at least the next few hours. It’s just the kind of thing you need to do if you want to get noticed in the fashion world these days — slap a bunch of vaginas on a dress and let it loose on the world. It’s tough to imagine that dress was completed and no one thought it looked like a giant gaggle of vaginas. Take note Kanye.

Suppose it’s better than rocking an actual plastic bag outfit – which is all the rage in Taiwan nowadays.


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