This Guy Who Lied About Surviving The Orlando Nightclub Shooting Is The Absolute Worst

Meet the worst liar in the whole damn world.

A man who claimed he survived the Orlando nightclub shooting is facing questions after a post on his own Facebook page suggested he wasn’t even at the gay club during the shooting.

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Clint Lampkin even gave a speech at an Alabama memorial service for victims of the June 12 tragedy which killed 49 and injured 50+ at Pulse nightclub.

Here’s how his bullshit story was unravelled:

The fact someone can just brazenly lie about something like that is straight up terrifying. He’s not even exaggerating or putting a little bit of salt and pepper on his story – he made the whole damn thing up! And the truly insane thing is he’s carrying on his lie even after he’s been found out. Oh your Facebook got hacked?  You can’t remember the name of your friend who died? Your memories got erased? Fucking pull the other one mate.

Just a total scum bag. Worse than those blokes that go around in military gear pretending they’re in the army, only to get called out on their bullshit in a major way.


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