This Guy Complaining About ‘Clingy Girls’ On Facebook Just Got Exposed Big Time

How not to slide into someone’s DMs.

This dude named Ben who took it upon himself to criticise ‘clingy girls’ in a Facebook status has been left wishing he hadn’t, after a whole bunch of girls individually posted ‘clingy’ private messages he had been sending them.

Here’s Ben’s status:


And the devastation that followed:

ben2 ben3 ben4

Horrible look for Ben here. Certain guys love referring to girls as ‘clingy’ to give themselves an ego boost, same way some girls love referring to guys as ‘creepy’. They wish people would cling/creep on them as much as they make out.

But really Ben’s mistake here (besides writing the actual status) was not only forgetting about all the super thirsty DMs he’d sent to practically every girl on his Friend List, but also being terrible at said DMs. How are you going to send the word “Hey” to someone that many times without receiving any response? Cringe city.

Here, maybe this 13-year-old kid can help you out with his run-down of top 10 chat-up lines.


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