American Redneck Cop Goes Viral With Video Calling Out Violent Louisiana Street Gang

Imagine police in the UK releasing a video like this.

From the sounds of it, this ‘Gremlins Gang’ running riot around Louisiana are a proper pain in the backside.

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Even still, I can’t believe Captain Clay Higgins from the Louisiana police department is actually a real person assigned to this case, after he released this video where he basically cuts a WWF-style promo calling the Gremlins out and letting them know he’s coming for them.

Watch below:

What do you in this situation if you’re the Gremlins Gang? They probably thought the cops were scared of them until this video dropped. Here’s this guy basically daring them to show themselves so he can fuck them up good and proper. No self-respecting street gang is just going to stay hidden and let a cop talk shit about them like this, are they?

Your move, Gremlins.

P.S. Where’s Juggernaut Cop when you need him?


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