Cineworld Is Set To Reopen All UK Branches In July

Good news.

As lockdown restriction begin to ease, every single company out there seems to be announcing when they’re planning to reopen and how, even though they’re technically speculating because the government guidelines might not actually allow them to do this. What a rollercoaster.

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The latest chain to do this is Cineworld, who have come out and said that they intend for all their branches to be reopened in July to coincide with the release of the new Christopher Nolan movie ‘Tenet’ on July 17th. Here’s the official statement:

Cineworld currently anticipates that government restrictions related to cinemas will be lifted in each of its territories by July.

Subject to this and confirmation of the schedule for film releases, Cineworld anticipates the reopening of all of its cinemas in July.

Cineworld has put in place procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable cinema experience for its employees and customers.

Cineworld is excited by the great movie line up to follow the reopening of cinemas, starting with the highly anticipated new Chris Nolan movie Tenet and immediately after that with Mulan, a new Disney adventure movie.

I mean it sounds pretty interesting that they’ve already come out with the procedures but aren’t releasing them yet? I suppose it’s already fairly easy to buy your ticket online in advance, so I suppose the question really relates to how you’re gonna be seated in the cinema, which could be a really weird and annoying experience, especially when it means movies are sold out at double the speed. Guess that’s the brave new world we have waiting for us though.

For more of the same, check out the trailer to ‘Tenet’ right here. That looks like it’s going to be a good one.


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