Chuck Testa loves skinning bears, skull capping, and making really funny low budget adverts.

Chuck Testa

While on Youtube checking out Lecs Luther’s video for Dia Dhuit (you should check it out, the guy’s totally sick) I noticed a video called ‘Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy’ in the suggestions column. Now that’s pretty weird because I’m sure Lecs Luther has no connection with Taxidermy but what the hell I checked it out anyway. Turns out this video is GOLD, pure weighty internet gold. It’s a low budget advert showing how much of a badass Chuck Testa is at stuffing animals (he doesn’t stuff pets, btw). Check it:

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Pretty funny. But wait until you check out what’s on the rest of Chuck Testa’s Youtube channel:

1. Chuck Testa – Measuring a Bear Skull

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2. Chuck Testa’s Tuesday Tip – Skull Capping

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3. Chuck Testa’s Tuesday Tip – Skinning Out A Bear Head

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Whoa whoa whoa, Chuck Testa, you the man! Not only did you make me laugh out loud while eating my breakfast but your Youtube channel is officially off the radar. Keep em coming sir.

Hopefully next Tuesday Chuck Testa will step up to the mark and make a video beating Bear Grylls Giving Himself An Enema (not literally).


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