Christmas Market Is Selling Hot Dog For £220 That Takes 40 Minutes To Prepare

Who’s paying for this?

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of Christmas markets – what’s the point of standing around in the cold like an idiot? – but I think in recent years they’ve begun to take the pxss more and more and nowhere has this been exemplified further than in this story about a £220 hot dog.

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The hot dog in question is located at Happy Souls at Rudolf’s Christmas Market in Lucerne and contains a Kobe beef sausage, white alba truffles, Cristal Roederer champagne foam, a gilded peppercorn and chocolate crumble. That does sound pretty classy and it looks really good too in the video below too:

Lol that video is so dramatic and just completely stupid really isn’t it? Those hot dog workers fawning over the hot dog are so dumb.

Anyway, the hot dog does look pretty good but I think you would have to be absolutely mad to spend £200 on it. Who the hell wants to spend that much money on a freaking hot dog?

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