Chris Morris Has Announced A New Movie Called ‘The Day Shall Come’

THe Day Shall Come

The director of Four Lions is back with another movie focussing on terrorism.

Chris Morris is much loved in this country so it’s no surprise that the creator of Four Lions, The Day Today and Brass Eye’s new project will be greeted with somewhat of a fanfare.

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Morris has announced that he’s already shot a new movie entitled ‘The Day Shall Come’ and that it’ll be premiering at SXSW in Texas this March. Like Four Lions, Morris will again team up with Peep Show co-creater Jesse Armstrong and it will again focus on terrorism, but this time it’s going to be based in Miami rather than Sheffield and focus on a character called Moses Al Bey Al Shabazz.

The movie is set in 2013 and revolves around Moses the poor preacher being offered some money by a mysterious stranger to prevent his family from being evicted from their home. Moses is unaware that his saviour works for the FBI though and is is hoping to turn him into a criminal by ‘fueling his madcap revolutionary dreams’. Sounds kinda dark and not really that funny hey, but I’m sure Armstrong and Morris will pull it off given their previous efforts.

It’s worth noting that Malcolm X’s grandson Malcolm Latif Shabazz was shot dead by the FBI in 2013 in Miami in mysterious circumstances, so it’s a safe bet that this movie is somewhat loosely based upon his life. He was also a spokesperson for Islamic and African-American causes in the city, so there really are too many similarities to miss here.

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