Chris Brown’s New Girlfriend Looks Exactly Like Rihanna

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Talk about obsessed.

As if getting a tattoo of what looks like her beaten face on his neck wasn’t enough to suggest he was absolutely obsessed with Rihanna, Chris Brown has gone above and beyond to prove it by starting to date a girl who looks literally exactly like Rhi Rhi. Like, EXACTLY like her.

Her name is Candice Brook and she’s a model (obviously, she looks like Rihanna) and it’s been rumoured that her and Brown have been dating ever since she posted pictures of the two of them hanging out backstage at his Between The Sheets tour. Although neither of them have confirmed the relationship at this point, it’s very heavily rumoured and let’s face it, given Brown’s obvious and public obsession with Rihanna would probably make a lot of sense.

Check out some photographs of Candice on the slideshow to prove that she literally is the spitting image of Rihanna.

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