The ‘Choking Game’ Is Back And Kids Are Dying From It (VIDEO)

It’s back.

Thousands of videos are hitting the web showing kids playing the ‘choking game’, which as you might have guessed involves forcing themselves to pass out either by their own means or having a friend choke them. Real mates looking out for each other right there.

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The game’s been going on for a while now (I can remember people doing it in my school) but it’s now a major concern after an 11-year-old boy in south Carolina died last week playing it in his bedroom.

Other names for the game include “space monkey,” “cloud nine” and “five minutes in heaven.”

Here are a few examples:–jOf14

Blimey. Whatever happened to just drinking yourself stupid or going out and chasing girls/boys in the park? Kids these days need to choke each other to death or set themselves on fire to feel like they’re having any fun apparently.

Can’t wait to have kids and worry about them doing dumb shit like this.


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