This Chinese TV Show Is Getting Rinsed For ‘Hiring Black Actors To Play Burnt Corpses’

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Not cool.

A Chinese drama TV show has been accused of racism after it hired black actors to play burnt corpses.

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Last week a screenshot from the detective show ‘Young Justice Bao’ made its way online thanks to net user ‘ChenxiZhongdeMogu’. Originally aired in 2001, the scene from episode 37 shows two burnt bodies in coffins. However, neither of the bodies are props or people in make-up. As you can see from the shocking screenshot, it appears that the show hired two black people to stand in as the ‘burnt corpses’:

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ChenxiZhongdeMogu said:

Only watching it again did I see that [the show] used two black men to stand in for charred bodies…I almost laughed to death.

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The commenters agreed that this was a shocking move from the show, with one saying, “If this was the US, there’d be yelling all the way to the White House”. Damn straight – seriously not cool guys. Just imagine how awkward that casting call must’ve been.

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