Chinese Teacher Offers To Dress Up As French Maid If Students Improve Grades

Chinese Maid

With an incentive like that then I’m pretty sure I would have been a straight A student.

Chinese Maid

This has got to be one of the greatest ideas in the history of good ideas, and is further proof as to why China is going to become the next superpower because they manage to find ways to motivate even the most uninterested students to get top marks in class. Somewhere in the Guangxi province (I don’t know where that is either and I’m not going to look it up on a map to tell you, sorry), a Chinese teacher was faced with the fact that she had a class full of lazy dumbasses who were uninterested in their grades and were uninterested in studying to improve them. Just how could she motivate these students to fulfil their potential and get the brains that would allow them to propel China into the future?

Of course she turned to sex. Kinda. She said that she would dress up as a French maid if the students hit a required target in their upcoming monthly exam. I’m guessing she was teaching at an all boys school because I doubt any of the female students would have been that interested in seeing their teacher dress up as a French maid, although I guess it would have been pretty lolz, right?

Still, it’s nowhere near the same incentive when you’re a teenage Chinese boy who’s balls have just dropped and you spend most of the time wanking over your sexy teacher, is it? The chance to see her prancing around in a French maid costume for a whole lesson and then keeping that image locked in the wankbank for the rest of your life would just be too good to miss right? I mean sure, French maids aren’t usually Chinese when I’m thinking about them, but I’ll take it as a compromise definitely. And all you have to do is a little studying? Easy.

Yeah, that’s right. These Chinese slackers stopped drinking bubble tea and taking part in cosplay and world of warcraft or whatever the hell it is Chinese teenagers do, and finally knuckled down and aced their exams. Of course, following that, the teacher had no choice but to dress up in the maid outfit and all the teenage boys’ dreams came true. The images went viral in China and were eventually taken down by the original poster but were obviously screen grabbed by thousands upon thousands of teenage boys. It’s a shame the only picture we got is the one below though, because it’s hardly that sexy or even that close to the teacher.

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Chinese Teacher Maid Costume

chinese teacher maid costume

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I also included a video of a Chinese news report to prove that this was real and not a joke, although if you think about it it doesn’t really prove anything because I can’t understand Chinese so have no idea what the reported is saying. There are pictures of the teacher dressed up as a Chinese maid though, so that’s means something to do with a Chinese teacher dressing up as a maid had to have happened, and that’s good enough for me:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWGl_-8GjIo’]


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