China Says Donald Trump As President Is What Happens When People Have Democracies


What’s worse? A dictatorship or Trump?

As the world slaps their head in their hands over the imminent Donald Trump presidential victory (seriously, how has this happened?) the Chinese media has used this example to slam democracy. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe they have a point.

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The state-run Xinhua News Agency has said that the likely election of the racist, sexist wankcloth that is Donald Trump just shows that America’s democratic system brings about crisis, in contract to the stability of China’s authoritarian rule.

The paper said that Trump’s race to the top shows:

The majority of Americans are rebelling against the U.S.’s political class and financial elites.

And that the president election reveals an, “ill democracy.”


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I have to disagree with that last statement and if anything, this election shows how blind Middle America are to the financial elites. What has happened here is Trump has given a voice to the racists. And there are a lot of racists knocking about. It’s like Brexit all over again.

Well, as I’m writing this, Trump’s victory looks imminent, but as you’re reading it he might be in power by then. It looks like American citizens are already shitting it, as the Canadian immigration website crashed this morning. The problem is, there’s no escaping Trump’s shitstorm. You can run but you can’t hide – he’s going to fuck up the world.

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