The Chinese Ripper Used To Murder Women Wearing Red Before Cutting Off Body Parts To Keep As Trophies


Lady in red.

A man name Gao Chengyong has been caught and found guilty of embarking on an insane killing spree where he used to gather body parts of women to keep as his trophies.

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Dubbed ‘The Chinese Ripper’, this sick motherfucker used to prey only on women wearing red – how fitting. Once he found his victim, he would then rape, murder and mutilate them. At the height of his murder spree, he had butchered 11 women and girls, the youngest being only eight. By this point he’d generated a collection of hands, ears and skin to keep as his prizes. Grim.


Unlike his English counterpart, Jack the Ripper, Gao actually got caught in the end and was arrested in the city of Baiyin in north-west China. And the Ministry of Public Security said he instantly confessed to the heinous crimes.

Seems like they had been looking for this fucker for a long time. Before they had caught him, there was a stage where women in the region were so terrified that they wouldn’t leave the house without a male friend or family member. And the police even offered a £22,000 reward for any information, with the added warning:

The suspect has a sexual perversion and hates women.

He’s reclusive and unsociable, but patient.


Scary shit. In the end, his arrest came nearly 30 years after his first murder, so he had a pretty good run. However, now that they have got him and he has confessed, there’s a definite possibility that Gao could get the death penalty. Looks like his life could be ending pretty soon – unless he just ends up sitting on death row for all of eternity.


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