Chinese Millionaire Pays Porn Star £5 Million, Signs Her To 15 Year Contract To Be His Girlfriend

Serious mogul moves.

An anonymous Chinese businessman has convinced 22 year old porn star Rola Misaki, also known as Takizawa Rola, to be his girlfriend (exclusively) for 15 years after offering her a £5 million contract.

He describes it as a ‘personal assistant’ role, but anyone with half a brain knows what that really means. Not much is known about the masked man other than that he’s a big time Chinese entertainment mogul but I’m sure plenty of people have figured out who he is as he has quite a distinct hairstyle going on and that mask isn’t exactly the most effective disguise we’ve ever seen.


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So it would be easy to rip this guy for paying a woman that much money to be his girlfriend but then you realise that this guy is worth hundreds of millions and £5 million is probably just chump change to him. It’s probably how much he’d spend on a regular wife over 15 years anyway if he went down the more traditional route, except now he’s practically got a willing porn star sex slave who’s required to be a 10/10 girlfriend for 15 years or else she breaks the terms of her contract.

Actually quite a genius move if you think about it. I guess that’s why this guy is a multi millionaire mogul and I’m not; because of financially-sound decisions like this. Can’t wait to see what happens once the contract is over — back to porn I guess?

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