Chinese Girl Throws Insane Temper Tantrum In The Street After Boyfriend Dumps Her By Text

There’s a reason this guy couldn’t bring himself to dump her face-to-face.

No one likes being dumped via text, in fact it’s a pretty shitty thing to do. Especially in the age of smart phones you’ve got to respect a person enough to give them news like that to their face, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it might be.

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Have to say though, I think this girl’s boyfriend breaking up with her via text might’ve been the best idea he ever had:

I mean, look at that reaction. She’s completely bonkers. Crying, screaming, rolling around on the floor, stamping her feet. You’d think she just found out her boyfriend got murdered or something. So all things considered I think the boyfriend in question made a wise decision. He knows his (ex) girlfriend well enough to know that she’d have gone completely postal on him if he broke the news to her face.

We know what’ll make her feel better though — Reddit users listing THEIR most messed up break up stories. This was nothing compared to those.


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