Chinese Dude Gets Super Aggressive With A Woman After She Bumps Into Him On The Bus

Don’t ever bump into this guy on public transport.

No real context available for this one, but if we’re to believe this ballistic Chinese dude the lady sat next to him invaded his space somehow, and I guess he must already be having the shittest day ever because he is absolutely not having it.

Watch below:

“Why you bang?” — fair question I suppose but all the rest of it is a bit unnecessary isn’t it? I mean yeah it’s always annoying when someone bumps into you on the train or when there’s a lowkey battle for the arm rest between your seats, but not sure I agree with the physically aggressive approach towards a tiny Chinese woman, even if she does have one of the most annoyingly high-pitched voices of all time.

Let’s just hope he tries it with the wrong woman some day, and someone’s there to record it.


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