The Stuff That Goes Down At This Intersection Is Straight Up Mental


Welcome to the most dangerous intersection in the world.

Chilliwhack in British Columbia is the craziest intersection in history.

The guy who lives there has set up a security camera on the side of his house so he can capture all the messed up stuff that goes on there to share with the world. Actually, it’s probably for his own protection but it’s a nice little side line that he can share it with the world.

Seriously though, wait until you get a load of some of the stuff that is going down in this video – people getting nailed with cars, sketchy dudes unscrewing a fire hydrant, someone getting pepper sprayed and someone else chasing someone with a machete. This apparently all happened this year.

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WTF? Why do so many people like riding down the road backwards? Why are there so many accidents there? What the hell is going on?

It’s almost like living on a reality TV show, only more messed up and weird. At least in the American sense of a reality TV show – it could never be as screwed up as Russian reality TV.


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