Man Spends Days Making Massive LEGO Statue; Child Destroys It In Seconds

Man lego statue


A builder named Zhao over in China spent 3 days building a Nick Wilde from Zootopia statue, apparently using thousands of pounds worth of LEGO.

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The statue went up inside a shopping centre in Ningbo, but just one hour after it was unveiled on the first exhibition day, a child climbed under the protective ropes and made a dash for it – knocking it over into thousands of pieces.

Credit to Zhao – he says the kid would have had no idea how much time and effort went into making the statue. He doesn’t even want any compensation for it. But he is vexed at the shopping centre employees for not stopping the child.







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What the hell is going on with little kids this week? Getting gorillas shot to death, punching up armed robbers, destroying LEGO art pieces. This one is pretty funny though because any time someone puts that much time and effort into building something only to have it unceremoniously destroyed by a child, well, it’s just amusing really. I guess he’ll have to build it all over again – no harm done.


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