Two Black Market Chicken Wing Dealers Facing Jail After Stealing $41,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings


Winging it.

A man named Paul Rojek and his son Joshua have been arrested for stealing $41,000 worth of chicken wings from Twin Trees Too in the U.S, with the intention of selling it on the black market.

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Paul has been sentenced to 1-3 years in jail for his crime, while Joshua is getting five years of probation with 60 days’ worth of weekends in jail. So why did the son get off easier than the dad? Well apparently he was only assisting Paul, who was the brains behind the plan. Prosecutor John Jensen said:

The father was the primary mastermind behind the operation.

And it truly did take a mastermind to be able to jack a haul that size – I bet there’s never been so many chicken wings in one place at one time. Together, the father/son duo diverted chicken wings from the supplier in order to sell to dodgy dealers who would then flog the goods from a warehouse or the back of a pickup truck. Forget drug dealers – it’s meat dealers you need to keep your eye out for now apparently.


They managed to collect $41,000 worth over the course of nine months. Apparently the county court judge Anthony Aloi was not impressed:

I think Mr. Jensen was more than complementary in describing anybody in this as a ‘mastermind’.

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Harsh. He was so unimpressed in fact that he’s making the father and/or son pay back all $41,000 to the restaurant and the insurance money. To this end, Aloi only sentenced the younger Rojek to weekends in jail so he could make the money during the week to pay them back.

I feel pretty bad for the dad here. I mean yes, of course these two probably shouldn’t be jacking a load of chicken to sell to the black market, but this poor guy isn’t going to last five minutes in jail once the inmates find out his crime. He’s going to be a laughing stock.

Good luck to him – he’s going to need it. Then again, hopefully the prison won’t be anywhere near as terrifying as Brazilian jails can be.


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