This Chick Just Pulled The Most Savage Prank On Her Boyfriend (VIDEO)


True love?

We’ve featured a lot of pranks on this website and even though a lot of them can be very extreme, they’re normally all in the spirit of good fun and getting people. I’m not sure that can be said for this one because it’s completely and utterly horrific.

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A girl named De’arra thought it would be a really funny idea to prank her boyfriend Ken into thinking that she had been stabbed to death. She did this by covering herself in fake blood, simulating a stab wound with makeup and then lying on the floor of her apartment so that when he arrived home he would absolutely freak the fuck out.

And that’s exactly what happened and whilst it’s kinda funny, it’s also kinda harrowing: 

Jesus. What a girlfriend.

I mean it wasn’t even that funny to watch, despite how much she seems to have enjoyed it. It’s almost like she’s over laughing because she realises what a complete twat she’s been so has to compensate for it by acting like she found it the funniest thing ever.

I’m with the dude though, it’s not even funny at all – it’s just a dick move. I hope he breaks up with her ASAP because that is not normal behaviour and something worse is probably going to happen if he lets her get away with that.

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