Cher Lloyd’s debut single leaks onto the internet. Some critics are furious at it’s similarities to well known and loved christmas carol – ‘Little Donkey’.


Cher Lloyd‘s debut track – Swagger Jagger has been leaked on the internet. Reaction to the track has been strong among fans and non-fans, some non-fans fuming at the fact that they believe Cher Lloyd has ripped of the classic christmas carol – Little Donkey. One fan describes Swagger Jagger as sounding “like a Black Eyed Peas acid house remix of Little Donkey”, another saying “Cher Lloyd’s new song is so bad it hurts oh my god what the f*** why is she singing to the tune of Little Donkey”.

Rapper/singer Example had this to say about the 17 year old X-Factor contender on Twitter:

Some of Cher’s fans have also voiced their opinion over Youtube and Twitter, but have praised her efforts.

Cher replied with the following:

“I worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me, if you wanted to hurt me you’ve done a great jobplease dont do this to me. i wish i was at home with my family, i’ve been through enough this year. me and my brats are stronger than this!! come onnnn! lets get em !!!!”

Was this a marketing ploy by the record label to generate some hype before the launch that has gone drastically wrong?

Here’s the official preview on Youtube (the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ have been disabled after the ridiculous ratio of dislikes to likes on the ripped version):


And Little Donkey:



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