A Cheeto That Looks Like Harambe Is Selling For An Insane Amount Of Money

Harambe Cheeto

Wallets out for Harambe.

As we all know, Harambe was last year’s favourite meme following his untimely death and now the fallen gorilla’s celebrity could make one Cheetos eater a shit load of money.

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After finding a Harambe-shaped Cheeto, someone has listed the crisp on Ebay as ‘Rare Gorilla Hot Cheeto – 2017 Harambe’. Since going up, the bids have been skyrocketing, with the highest at $920.

Harambe Cheeto

Most of the time these things are a complete joke (there’s another Harambe Cheeto that’s listed as $10,000) but in this case, there are actual bidders. Someone’s willing to pay nearly $1,000 just for a crisp that doesn’t even really look much like Harambe. Some people have more money than sense.

Harambe Cheeto 2

Still, it’s a good way to make a bit of cash. Maybe we should all keep an eye out for crisps shaped like the internet’s current favourite meme – the ‘Catch Me Outside’ girl. How bout dat?


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