This Insane Japanese Gameshow Is Made For Extreme Perverts


Only in Japan.

It’s long been said that Japanese television is some of the weirdest in the world, but this latest clip really has to be seen to be believed.

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The footage is taken from a Japanese channel called Bako Bako TV and involves a woman in a white blouse and short blue skirt running across an obstacle course whilst a bunch of guys are underneath it, grabbing and screaming at her while looking up her skirt. Different:

Yeah, I’m not sure what that’s about  – or why it even exists because it didn’t exactly look like it was that tough a task for the girl to complete did it? Nevertheless, the clip has been viewed a staggering nine million times in the west and most people seem enamoured with it if you check out the comments, with many claiming they would watch it every day if it was broadcast over here. Somebody probably needs to get on that ASAP.

For more examples of insanely weird Japanese game shows like this, check out this one where gay men try to jerk off straight men to see who can make them come fastest. Not joking.


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