Check Out This Sneak Peek For New Series Of ‘The Walking Dead’


This looks intense.

It’s been six months or so since Negan smashed someone’s brain to smithereens with his beloved baseball bat Lucille on ‘The Walking Dead’. It really was one of the most frustrating cliffhangers to the end of a TV show season in history, and now it’s only going to be a couple of weeks until we finally find out the identity of the victim.

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To build up the hype even more for the season 7 premiere of the show though, AMC decided to release the first three minutes of it at New York Comic Con over the weekend and you can watch that below. Of course it doesn’t realise who bit the dust just yet, but it’s pretty intense and shocking and could help you round up your theories on just who it might be too:

Hmm, so I suppose with all those reference’s to Rick’s right hand man you would probably expect Negan to have smashed in Daryl Dixon’s head? You can also see what looks like what Daryl was wearing as the camera pans back over to whoever got their skull smashed in at the end of the scene, but that does seem like it could be a swerve to get everyone worried about him in the run up to the premiere.

What you might not have noticed is what looks like Maggie’s engagement ring in the corner of the screen at the end of the clip, which probably implies that either Maggie or Glenn have died in the scene. Maggie because she got the shit smashed out of her, or Glenn because after he died Maggie came over and dropped the ring on the pile of mush that was once the love of her life.

There’s also a rumour that loads of people die in this episode so maybe all three of those people are dead. Guess we’ll have to tune in to finally find out the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in television.

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