Check Out The Most Gruesome Leg Break In MMA History

MMA Leg Break

No exaggerations, this is horrendous.

One of the main reasons that MMA has become so popular over the past few years is because there’s always the potential that someone could get a completely horrendous injury and that just makes it that more exciting.

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However, whilst it might be fun to see someone get bloodied up, nobody really likes to see someone suffer as gruesome an injury as the guy in the video below. Jonathan King was fighting Chris Williams at Kombat Alliance: Rite Of Passage 6 when he suffered an Anderson Silva style leg break after he had some of his shin kicks checked by Williams.

It’s not pretty so if you don’t want to see someone completely screw their leg up then I would suggest not looking at the video below:

Yeowch. That is one crazy injury and just shows how dangerous MMA can be at any level. Wishing King all the best in his recovery and hoping that he comes back stronger. All the best pal.

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