There’s a new Chatroulette in town, it’s called Battle Roulette, and it SUCKS!


We’re big fans of cyber goth dance parties here at Sick Chirpse, I mean, what else cheers you up more than a bunch of cyber goths having the time of their lives? Nothing. (Well, maybe the new GTA 5 trailer.) Anyway, here’s a video I’ve just stumbled upon which reminds me of the cyber goth dance party videos we featured a few weeks ago.

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Now, I can’t quite work out what the above video’s all about. There’s a link in the description to something called “Battle Roulette”, which is apparently an evolution of Chatroulette. If you check out the Facebook fan page for Battle Roulette, you’ll soon learn that Battle Roulette is all about two people battling it out on their webcam over the internet. Sounds completely fvcking lame right?

BR gives purpose to being on webcam for the millions of bands, singers, dancers, actors, musicians, magicians, comedians, gamers, rappers and anyone else with a talent around the globe. All ages can perform and battle against each other with any skill, creating original content for the audience who will play the most important part in voting for or against you.

If a lot of people dislike you,then you will be shut down.


So, Battle Roulette is a chance for anyone with a talent to get known really quickly via the power of the internet? Isn’t that what the internet already does, and pretty well?

Is the above video meant to be someones entrance to Battle Roulette? Where’s the talent? Or is their talent meant to be comedy? I don’t get it.

I’m completely baffled as to what I’ve just watched, and I’m even starting to think that it’s a piece some guerilla marketing for Napoleon Dynamite 2, who knows.

If anyone can shed some light on this video, and why it was made, then please, let us know.

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