Charlton Athletic Threaten To Take Away Fan’s Season Ticket After He Was Mean To Them On Twitter

And the award for most sensitive football club goes to…

On Friday, a letter to a fan from London-based League One team Charlton Athletic started doing the rounds online.

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The letter informs the fan that he/she will only be given their purchased season ticket after signing an agreement not to publish ‘inflammatory posts’ about the club on social media.

A spokesperson for Charlton Athletic says:

The club can confirm that they sent a letter to one supporter relating to their continued inappropriate behaviour towards members of staff on Charlton’s official social media accounts and foul and abusive language captured on stadium cameras.

The individual met with Head of Matchday Operations Mick Everett, who has worked for the club for more than 20 years, and recently appointed Duty Safety Officer, Cliff Eager, who joined the club in June after 35 years of experience as Chief Inspector within the Police.During the meeting, the level of abuse, which the individual has since voluntarily removed from their Twitter account, was discussed.


The fan was given their season ticket in the end, and did NOT sign the agreement.

They told the Guardian (anonymously):

I’ve been gobby, but that’s nothing unusual for football fans and was nothing that anyone else hadn’t said on Twitter.

They said I was being inflammatory, but inflammatory is inciting violence or hate; all I’ve been saying is we want our club back. I wasn’t going to put it online – my friend put it up, but it needs to be out there, how they’re destroying the club that we all love.



So obviously it’s ridiculous for a football club to be that sensitive over what their fans are saying that they’d actually threaten to take away season tickets. This is football FFS – the sport with the rowdiest, most passionate and vocal fans on the planet. I’d be worried if the fans WEREN’T giving you stick online. It’s only because they love you, after all.

I would like to know what this guy was Tweeting though. Charlton Athletic says he’s the only supporter they had an issue with so it must’ve been something pretty vicious. If anyone can find that out for us, shoot us at message at


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