A live, unedited interview with everybody’s favourite celebrity Charlie Sheen

In the latest hot news, fresh from having a recent meltdown which led to the cancellation of his hit show Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen has taken part in a recent LIVE Ustream interview with popular celebrity gossip website TMZ.com. It’s so intense it had to be split into two parts for our own safety. Check out part one below:

As with any Charlie Sheen interview, there are some excellent quotes as he chain smokes his way through the 40 minute interview including gold like:

‘I don’t believe in rock bottom – it’s a fishing term’

‘they were like AA this and I was like bye bye that’

On rehab – ‘I decided i was gonna harness the power of my mind and stop listening to the gibberish of fools and start seeing reality differently’

‘If people are judging me, it just means they’re jealous themselves’

‘Ambian, it has a half life of something like twenty two thousand decades, so maybe that has something do with it’

On his dad Martin Sheen – ‘he doesn’t live inside my brain, I’m the only one that does’

On the fact his kids will one day learn of his excessive partying ‘I hope they say dad, fill in the blanks. This shit is gnarly!’

‘I once sat in a room for three days and lived off one piece of bread. In Costa Rica’

‘People don’t deserve to know how I met my goddesses. They can’t process it. They’re jealous. They can’t have it  so i must criticise it while I sit here with my ugly wife and oh my god my life sucks he’s a winner and I’m a loser’

‘I don’t understand what I did wrong other than live a life that you were all jealous of”

‘I’m passionate, I speak the truth. But I’m crazy’

‘So what am I gonna do? Keep fighting against these people that don’t understand? No I’m just gonna sail across the winds of the universe with my goddesses and Tony Todd and this guy here and the people I love, and if people are down then they’re down, if they’re not down then they’re out. Sorry, scoreboard doesn’t lie!’

‘I don’t have a burnout in my gearbox. I don’t have it. I just have go’

On Chuck Lorre and CBS: ‘I’m insulted, I’m confused about this resentment. They are the rocket fuel that live in the tip of my sabre. You guys want to go to war, it’s on’

On watches: ‘It’s just a thing. It’s just stuff. I mean it’s a nice thing but it doesn’t have a heartbeat, it doesn’t have a soul, it doesn’t have a memory, it doesn’t take care of you, it doesn’t kiss you goodnight, it’s just a thing.’

On plans: ‘Every plan I have is the best plan in the world, people just need to get quiet and listen to it and then everyone will win’

Check out the conclusion below:


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