Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Claims He Has The Cure To HIV And Has Already “Cured Countries” With It

Charlie Sheen’s doctor has been curing HIV for years with this antidote, apparently.

Charlie Sheen recently admitted that he had to go back on HIV antiretrovirals after an “alternative” treatment failed — the one assigned to him by a doctor named Samir Chachoua. You know — the one who went on TV claiming he’d injected himself with Charlie Sheen’s blood because he was so confident his cure would work.

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Well it didn’t work, and it turns out that the odds of Chachoua catching HIV from that injection are fairly low, and he’d need to put a few full units of Charlie’s blood into his blood stream to make that happen.

Regardless, Chachoua, who isn’t even licensed to practise medicine in the States, is working hard to save his reputation which he’s slowly but surely ruining. His latest move has been to claim that the cure for HIV is “arthritic goat’s milk”, which he has personally used in the past and “cured countries” in doing so.

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The truth is there is a connection between the milk of arthritic goats and HIV, in that the virus that causes arthritis in goats (caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus or CAEV) is in the same viral “family” as HIV. They’re actually similar enough that if a human were to catch CAEV, they could be misdiagnosed as having HIV.

But despite Chachoua’s claims, this doesn’t make it a cure in the slightest. His thinking is that if CAEV triggered an immune response in humans (which it might not), that immune response might also deal with HIV. Treatment using cross-reactivity is a controversial topic in the medical community, so I can’t imagine what other doctors are thinking listening to Chachoua insisting it’s a cure.

What I still don’t understand is how this guy didn’t catch HIV by injecting himself with Charlie Sheen’s blood. Apparently he would have needed to inject lots more blood to have a chance of catching it. How the hell is injecting HIV positive blood into your body less likely to infect you than having sex? Am I missing something?

Either way, I don’t trust this Sam Chachoua guy one bit and I’m amazed that Charlie Sheen does. I guess crazy attracts crazy.


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