Here’s Why Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Unite’ Speech Is More Relevant Than Ever Before

Charlie Chaplin speech

You need to hear this.

In a career spanning over 75 years, Charlie Chaplin was truly the greatest silent actor in history, providing people with the gift of laughter for decades.

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However, behind the bowler hat and toothbrush moustache, this man was a true activist, speaking out about his beliefs in his movie ‘The Great Dictator’ – a political comedy film that attacked fascism. In the movie, one of Chaplin’s characters is Adenoid Hynkel, a parody of Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler.

In one of the most famous scenes in this movie, Chaplin used the opportunity to deliver a five-minute speech that is widely regarded as the greatest speech of all time. For five minutes Chaplin directs disgust at a system that preys on the innocent and poor, denounces the military that is run by “machine men with machine hearts” and cries from his heart for a world of peace and true democracy.

At a time that seems more urgent than ever and humans are becoming increasingly cut off from humanity despite their consistent use of gadgets and devices, this speech will resonate with every single person on this planet in one way or another. Every single point Chaplin raises is even more applicable to our modern world and this is driven home by the editor of the video, who has used real-life recent clips and images to draw comparisons. Prepare yourself – this will give you serious goosebumps:

Emotional stuff. Over 75 years has passed and that speech seems even more relevant than it did back then. What’s shocking is that Chaplin was demonised for telling the truth in his speech, just like similar liberal activists are silenced today. Which is why it’s so important for you to spread this message, as far and wide as possible.

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