Charlie Brooker Parodied Philip Schofield Coming Out On His ‘Antiviral Wipe’ Last Night

Nothing was off limits.

One of the only good things about lockdown finally happened last night, as we were treated to the first Charlie Brooker screenwipe in the last four years because of it, with Charlie taking aim at everything that has happened in 2020, not just Coronavirus.

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However, there’s been a bit of controversy over the fact that he chose to parody the moment that Philip Schofield chose to reveal that he was gay on ‘This Morning’. Crazy that that was only two months ago but I guess that’s just how time works now?

Obviously this was an extremely difficult moment for Philip and he was praised for his bravery at the time, but Brooker just decided to take the piss out of it by highlighting how weird it was that Holly Willoughby read out his letter instead of Philip himself, and how it looked like we were hearing his inner monologue when the camera focussed on him:

Very ‘The Wonder Years’, right?

I mean, people are probably going to get offended because Brooker is taking the piss out of a pretty important moment in Schofield’s life that he’s obviously struggled with for the majority of it, but he also kinda has a point. I don’t remember thinking that it was too weird at the time, but now that he’s pointed it out it really is a bizarre way to go about doing anything, let alone coming out.

And to be fair, Brooker rinses everyone, so hopefully Schofield and his supporters can not get too offended by it and see it in the right light. Fairly sure some people are going to be miffed about it though, even if Schofield himself turns out not to be.

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