This weekend Facebook users (re: everyone) were encouraged to change their avatars to cartoon characters to stamp out child abuse. Of course!

This weekend in an effort to stomp out child abuse once and for all, Facebook users have been encouraged to change their avatar to a cartoon character that reminds them of their childhood. Apparently the goal was to not see another human face on Facebook the whole weekend. Surprisingly, a large amount of people I know have actually taken part in this campaign, and over the course of my logins this weekend I was treated to a veritable feast of childhood memories, seeing classic characters such as Bucky O Hare, Earthworm Jim, Sonic The Hedgehog and Donkey Kong on girls I used to fvck’s profiles.

Wait but aren’t most of those cartoons mainly known for being video games characters though? I think the guy who changed his avatar to Peter from Family Guy was probably missing the point too – he would have been 15 when the show first started. I guess technically he could still have been a victim of child abuse at this point in his life but in reality he was getting sucked off down the park by 13 year old girls, so you could perhaps argue he himself was a child abuser back then? And don’t get me started on the guy who put up a picture of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Follow the fvcking instructions if you’re gonna be involved in the ‘campaign’, dickwad!

Anyway, that’s going off topic slightly. I’m confused as to the exact point of this ‘campaign’. How is this going to help ‘defeat’ child abuse? If the goal is not to see another human face on Facebook all weekend, is the idea that all potential child abusers will no longer look at people as potential rape victims but as cartoon characters? And more to the point, you have to think that most child abusers are probably going to be friends with people of a similar age on Facebook and not little kids right (and little kids won’t be taking part in this campaign anyway, even if all their Facebook friends were 8), so  the only way I can assume this is supposed to help is that paedophiles/potential paedophiles will see all these cartoon characters and go through a thought process something like this:

‘gee, I remember when I was young and I loved watching He-Man on TV. Man it was great back then. I’m so glad somebody like me didn’t come along and make me stick my arm up his butthole. I don’t think I’m going to be a paedophile anymore. Hey Billy, you can stop eating out my ass now and go and watch some cartoons with your buddies. Is Thundercats still on?’

Is that really going to work? I mean these people fvck children – which is probably the most wrong and evil act anybody in the whole wide world can perpetrate – does anyone really think if a bunch of people change their profile pictures on Facebook that this is suddenly going to make them stop? ? I know Facebook got Rage Against The Machine to number one last Christmas but REALLY does anyone think this is actually going to eliminate child abuse? I mean at least that RATM thing had a month to get there, this is just a weekend!

So yeah needless to say I didn’t bother changing my picture. I have to admit though I did have a blast seeing a bunch of old cartoon characters from my childhood, although a lot of people put up really lame ones like Tin Tin. Those dudes are probably heading for deletion next time I tidy up my friends list. Anyway, I know this is a little late in the day to promote this campaign (not that I’m really promoting it but you know) but you’ve still go until tomorrow to support it so go find some pictures from some cool TV show from your youth that none of your friends know about and change your avatar. I recommend Pirates of Dark Water or Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors. Nobody remembers those.


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