Chance The Rapper Nearly Had A Brain Aneurysm After Beyoncé Hugged Him (VIDEO)

Chance the Rapper just experienced the peak moment of his life.

If you’re a super famous person who isn’t really that super famous, the best thing that can happen to you is an A-lister like Beyoncé acknowledges that you exist.

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Here’s what happened when Chance the Rapper received a hug from Beyoncé in the middle of an interview:

That’s the peak of any C-lister’s life right there. He will legit remember that moment for the rest of his life because he’ll never be as famous as Beyoncé but at least he can say she instigated a hug with him. It’s the same way people talk about Prince or Michael Jackson. Beyoncé’s in that zone of next level fame too now whether you’re a fan or not.

P.S. Why did that girl tell Beyoncé she was a Virgo? Think Beyoncé gives a shit? Outrageous.


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