The Olympic Closing Ceremony: A Celebration Of British Music And Taio Cruz…

Olympic Closing Ceremony

A look back at the highs and lows of the closing ceremony of the Olympics 2012, featuring Eric Idle, Boris Johnson, and Taio Cruz.

Olympic Closing Ceremony

So that’s it, it’s all over. As the flame was extinguished the country looked back on 2 weeks of perving on volleyball players and laughing at crazy Mexican divers with a sense of pride. All that was left to do was a good closing ceremony full of excitement and the best talent Britain has to offer. The closing ceremony sent twitter into rapture – if you missed it check out a Sick Chirpse commentary on the event on the Sick Chirpse twitter feed – with a lot of criticism being flung at the acts taking part. Here’s a rundown of the good and the bad:


The timing of Eric Idle rising from a pit to sing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ was perfect. It was performed perfectly and, praise the Lord, didn’t contain one of them shite black and white montages of athletes crying. Ironic really, that the person that stole the show celebrating British music, was not a musician.

Another non-musician that stole the show was Boris Johnson. You can always rely on Boris to add some excitement to any party, and seeing him dancing like a drunken uncle at a disco to the Spice Girls was unbelievably entertaining tele. Within seconds the internet was ripe with video loops of him dancing what is now known as the Boris bop, and who knows, if anyone can make Dad dancing cool again, it’s Boris.


There were some real lows during the ceremony. There were some strange covers that probably shouldn’t have happened, Ed Sheeran performing ‘wish you were here’ being an example. The worst of all though had to be the Kaiser Chiefs. As the intro to Pinball Wizard came on it seemed the ceremony was about to get better, but then, Ricky Wilson and the Kaiser Chiefs came out on top of cars and murdered it. Some things just shouldn’t happen, that was one of them.

Another thing that shouldn’t have happened was Taio Cruz being there. I’m not sure who hired him, or why, but they should be found and chased out of the ceremony committee immediately. Whoever decided to have Jessie J take the role of Freddie Mercury and perform with Queen should also face the same wrath.

So it’s over people, we can go back to normality now. That is until four years’ time, when it all starts again although I doubt it’s ever gong to be as exciting as it was this year.


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