‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Finally Got Caught Outside (VIDEO)

Cash me outside

How bout dat?

‘Cash Me Outside’ girl has become one of the most vile internet sensations this year, literally becoming rich and famous for being a repulsive little brat. But it looks as though she might have finally found her comeuppance in this latest clip.

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The video shows Danielle Bregoli – that’s her real name, although you would be excused for not knowing it – getting involved in a brutal street fight outside with someone and getting the absolute tar kicked out of her. Looks like someone finally caught her outside. Sorry I had to:

How bout dat?

Normally I wouldn’t really advocate violence on the site – despite featuring it a lot – but in the case of Bregoli I don’t really give a rat’s ass because she had it coming to her. Love the way she just gets up and slinks off defeated as well without another wisecrack in her. It was gonna catch up with you eventually bitch.

For more of her despicable antics, click here. She just gets worse and worse.


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