‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Destroys David Spade After He Disses Her On Instagram

Your move, David Spade.

It boggles the mind to think that Danielle Bregoli AKA the ‘Cash Me Outside, How Bow Dah?’ teen went from Dr. Phil meme to a superstar with 9 million Instagram followers and her own TV show in the space of a few months.

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Apparently though that’s not famous enough for comedian David Spade, who hit her with a pretty sick burn when captioning this photo of the two of them together:

Naturally, ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl was quick to bite back with a devastating diss of her own:

Ouch. Think the 52-year-old comedian may have underestimated the barely literate 14-year-old just a bit there. Honestly I’m not even sure David Spade can come back from that one, especially considering he started it and all she did was fire back twice as hard. Tough loss for an ageing comedian to take in front of the world.

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