VIDEO: Cara Delevingne Takes The First Live Runway Selfie

Is Cara Delevingne the most desirable woman on the planet right now? It would appear that way.

If you know anything about modelling you’ll know that Cara Delevingne is the hottest model in the game right now. I know fuck all about modelling and even I know it – Cara Delevingne is a 10/10 knockout beauty.

Having spent the last half an hour watching her interviews I also definitely know her well enough to say she has an amazing personality to match. Is Cara Delevingne the most desirable woman on the planet? A definite probability.

On top of that, she just made history by walking the Giles runway while Instagramming herself at the same time. Such a move is unprecedented in the modelling world but clearly that’s what Cara Delevingne is all about — doing unprecedented shit and looking mega fine doing it.

Check it:

What a beaut. More pictures of Cara on the next page…

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