Car Thieves Unknowingly Steal Car With 8 Year Old Inside, Drop Him Off At School During Getaway

People helping people.

Two men hijacked a parked car in Norfolk, Virginia this week only to discover that an 8-year-old boy was chilling in the back seat with his school bag.

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They decided to drop him off at Ghent Elementary School during their getaway, where police found the kid sat in his classroom completely unfazed by the whole thing.

His mum’s mobile phone was left in the car so police had a fairly easy time tracking the car with GPS, but the hijackers/kidnappers were long gone. Instead the kid’s mum might face charges for leaving her son in a car with the engine running, which would be a bit harsh I reckon.


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Still, good to see there’s criminals out there doing good deeds while simultaneously carrying out criminal activities. These two dudes stole a car and then had the added bonus of finding a kid in the back seat, who they could have easily taken hostage for a handsome reward. Did they do that though? Nope. They took the kid to school instead. Saved his life. I bet the mum didn’t even care about her car once she found out her son was safe. She’s probably insured on the vehicle and all. Not to mention this kid now has an awesome story to tell all his classmates (not that he knows WTF is going on around him from the sounds of things).

If these guys ever get caught I reckon the judge should take it easy on them. Maybe that was the plan along? Drop the kid off at the school and then use it as leverage in court? Genius.

Unlike this moron in Swansea who trapped himself inside the car he was stealing and got shamed on video by all the locals.


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