Car Tech That Improves Your Safety

If you own one or several of them, you definitely have one of the most precious investments of modern-day. If it’s not helping you make money, directly, a car adds convenience in your life and it also helps you save time. We can go on and on about the benefits of having one or several cars, but the icing is on the cake. But one thing is for sure. Nothing is more important to a driver (and his passengers) than feeling safe on every drive, trip, or ride. As a matter of fact, safety is one of the reasons many people get their personal vehicles as they avoid uncertainties associated with public transport vehicles such as buses and taxicabs.

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Well, on this note, car technology has undergone an immense transformation over the last couple of years. Modern vehicle models are equipped with tech features, systems, and equipment that maximize safety for the driver, his passengers, other road users, and even pedestrians. Just to shed some light on this, here are a few pointers you may find worth your while on car tech that improves safety. 

  1. Tire-Pressure Monitors

Flat tires, tire bursts, and improper inflation are among the major causes of accidents on the roads, some of which lead to deaths. While some of these issues may catch you unawares, most of them are absolutely avoidable. Thanks to technology, you no longer have to keep your eyes on your wheels to see if tire pressure is okay. You can use a tire pressure monitor, which automatically signals the driver when the rubber needs some air. As explained by the guys at ToolTally, under-inflated will also affect your vehicle’s capabilities while also reducing fuel economy. Having a tire pressure gauge installed on your car will not only help avoid these issues, but it will also help improve your tires’ lifetime and performance.  

  1. Auto-Emergency Braking

Failed breaks have also been a cause of countless deaths and injuries on the road over the years. The auto emergency brakes stop the car without human intervention, thus the word automatic. Some of them come with sensors that alert the driver in case of an obstacle, thus helping prevent or reduce car crashes. If only they were invented many years ago! 

  1. Speed Governor

Are you running late for an official meeting? No worries, you can do a quick race to the venue and reach there on time. When you are new on the road, you tend to be cautious, but you get a heavy foot over time, which makes you think you are a maestro. If you are unlucky, you could be sent to an early grave from speeding. The speed governor regulates your speed, making you operate on limited speed. It is designed to ensure that the vehicle makes gradual speed adjustments, creating a manageable drive while on the road. No matter how much force you exert on the gas pedal, your speed remains constant when you reach the speed limit. Mostly used by public transport vehicles, most speed governors will have a speed limit of between 80-110 KPH, and they’ve been seen to reduce road carnage by a huge margin in many countries. 

  1. Dozing Driver Prevention 

It is not unusual to feel exhausted and drowsy behind the wheel while driving back home. This system came to our rescue when we were about to give up. Through driver face camera recognition, computerized voices, and special sensors to detect when a car is drifting away, this piece of tech is one of a kind. It will tell you to “please stop and take a rest” when you start getting sleepy, thus maximizing your safety and that of others on the road. 

  1. Automatic Lights

When it comes to motors, a small invention changes the whole game! Sometimes we tend to forget to switch off the headlights, and it ends up consuming the battery charge. Apart from giving you headaches while jumpstarting your vehicle, this challenge can put you in unsafe situations at night or in remote areas. Automatic lights turn off when the vehicle has been inactive for a while, thus saving your precious battery juice. 

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Especially when in busy traffic, many drivers end up with scratches and minor deformations on their vehicles. Some bump into other cars, and you never know what this might lead to in addition to vehicle damage. With an adaptive cruise control system in place, a driver can keep a safe distance from the car in front to avoid hitting it from the back.

And there you have it. These are just a few of the many tech innovations available to improve your safety while driving.


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